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TICKET INFO: Merrymaker tickets include Carnival admission, an exotic petting zoo and all your favorite Dad's Garage improviser-run booths, with vouchers available for purchase to use for carnival rides and beer. Ringmaster tickets include everything from the Merrymaker tier, plus unlimited beer and carnival rides! There will also be a wide selection of food vendors onsite hawking their wares.

We are shaking things up this year at Dad’s Garage and rolling out a brand-new concept for our annual fundraiser: the Dad’s Garage Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival!

This event is a fundraiser for Dad’s Garage Theatre, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We produce 300 scripted and improv comedy shows every year, and our annual fundraiser helps support our bottom line so we can keep the lights on and the laughter flowing.

Dad’s Garage Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival is one part festival and one part theatrical weirdness that you’ll only find at Dad’s Garage. In addition to plenty of beer, rides, and delicious food, attendees will get to interact one-on-one with our improvisers in games and carnival booths like “Redneck Wine Tasting,” “Wheelchair Obstacle Course,” “Bad Caricatures,” and “Improvised Erotic Fanfiction.”

The fun and magic of improv comedy steps off the stage and into our festival, and guests of the Dad’s Garage Big Stupid Parking Lot Carnival will get the chance to experience our brand of comedy in a completely new way.

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