Artist Booths

The centerpiece of our festival has always been the booths and games led by our improvisers. These experiences let you interact with our improvisers one-on-one in unique and hilarious ways. 

  •  Wheelchair Obstacle Course – Experience the thrill and perils of navigating broken sidewalks, sharp turns, and having to pick up fiddly objects while in a wheelchair. The stopwatch is ticking and the crowd cheering as you try to get to the finish line in record time.  This booth is led by Tommy Futch, one of our improvisers who uses a wheelchair.

  • Redneck Wine Tasting – A Dad’s Garage classic that has been in just about every festival we’ve put on. Saddle up to the plywood bar for a tasting of the finest cheap wine we picked up on the bottom shelf of a gas station. Mad Dog 2020, Wild Irish Rose, and other brightly-colored “wines” will be presented by our improviser sommeliers, who will give these beverages the snooty experience they were never meant to have.

Rides & Attractions

We’re bringing in a couple of carnival rides to our festival this year! Good ones too, so not that lame kiddie coaster from your elementary school festival. Just don’t puke up a bunch of beer in the rides, please?

 We’ll also have an “Exotic Petting Zoo” at the Carnival! This isn’t some dog, pony, and goat show—we’ve got awesome animals like camels and lemurs for you to pet! Just watch out for the camels spitting.

Food & Beverage

As always, we will have a wide selection of your favorite beers to enjoy. Don’t like beer? We’ve got other treats in store such as boozy slushies!

Food will be available for purchase from various vendors around the festival. That way everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions, can find something they want to eat!